Ea Sangrid

Server: Mateus
Race: Half Elezen
Age: ???
Birthplace: Gyr Abania
Status: Complicated; mother to adopted child
Occupation: Bound Outrider of Ishgard


A woman who presents herself as reserved and politely quiet with a bearing reminiscent of cool Ishgardian poise. Ever perceptive and sensitive to the moods and wiles of those she interracts wtih in a most discreet manner, most find themselves easily comfortable in her company.

There is refinement in her simplistic, practical tastes, reflective of her upbringing within a noble household alongside a warrior's background. On rare occassions when she is not travelling or on assignment, Sangrid sheds her leathers and armor for softer feminine attire.

Accustomed to working alone, Sangrid always places the objectives of her assignments above anyone's ego, including her own. She is blunt, cutting away any fuss in favor of efficiency. Self possessed yet grounded, she knows exactly what she is good at, takes pride in it for herself and cares little for flaunting her skills. Sangrid much prefers to let others believe she is your average warrior, the overlooked scout- especially if they are unaware of her origins. Obscurity is one of her shields which she exploits to the fullest.

Once a knight of Ishgard under the service of Durendaire, Sangrid was thought to have perished along with 7 of her peers when they challenged an elder dragon during the Dragonsong War. When the truth of their murders came to light from the vengeful pursuit of a Dzemael relative of one of the fallen, Sangrid evaded their hunt for justice for many years.

One day the elusive heretic surrendered willingly into the grip of Ishgard's authorities. Her trial is famous within Ishgard. To the outrage of the families of her fallen peers, her death sentence was retracted upon the interference of a dragon. She is instead collared and bound to serve as an outrider.

RP Hooks

Fighting consequences
She seeks to gain the favors of Ishgard's nobles and commons alike for opportunities to overcome the consequences of her past.

Might and steel only go so far
Having recently recovered from an illness, Sangrid is made to consider other avenues of putting food on the table and to afford Ildanne's education, instead of solely relying on her martial skills.

Ishgard's Restoration
It is not uncommon to find her in the Brume and Firmament, blending in with the denizens, lending a hand with reconstruction whether it is practical carpentry or delivering materials. She took part in the Firmament Restoration Initiative sponsored by Aetherscale Enterprises, Ardent Collective and Juliette Chatelaine.

Ishgardian Affiliations
She currently serves House Sotelier, a lesser house with close ties to Durendaire.

Need a guide or a guard?
Her services do not come cheap, but absolutely worth every gil. She knows the Black Shroud well, Coerthas and Dravania by the back of her hand, and the Sea of Clouds is not beyond her reach of knowledge.

She has a natural eye and skill for it that developed from an inquisitive life of exploration and wandering. Need a map drawn up?

Useful Contacts
Are you a towns guard? Hunter? Travelling merchant? Wood wailer? Farmer? Gatherer? Porter? Sky watcher? Conjurer, Hearer? The list goes on! As long as you are someone with the knowledge of the lands and its subtle shifts, she is interested. The knowledge is valuable to her and she seeks to collect useful connections.


IC =/= OOC

I am an experienced RPer who loves organic story collaboration and character development. I am pretty chill and am open to most themes. Lore abiding wise, I am flexible but not to the point of breaking it. If you think you have ideas that are not listed on the RP hooks, feel free to discuss it with me! While I don't mind discord RP at all, In-game is still nice to do!

On the matter of ERP, I view it as one aspect of the whole RP experience. Should intimate scenes happen, I prefer it to occur organically, as with most developments!

Availability: Usually after work, 7AM EST onwards, because my timezone is GMT +8. It has been a real struggle finding RP partners ):

Hit me up in-game or on discord Seiss#4130

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